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In last 2 months I invested in 3 startups based of fintech technology, but for last of my investments in ICO Im very happy and have more expectations about a good ROI. My last invesment was in – Blockchain Technology startup that have ICO planned between December 7 to January 4. Why I choice to invest in tokens ICO distribution? Firstly I want to explain in few words what this project offer in crypto space world. Then you will understand why.

As the foundation of their business, project, build the first ever blockchain-based trading platform where we use the TIO Token to participate in the shared liquidity pool. liquidity pool allows to their participants, like all of us, to share in the pool’s success. All members who hold a minimum of 2500 TIO Tokens as membership gain access to the liquidity pool. This is an industry first and here all of us can be part for receive dividents. This possibility to be part as membership gain access to the liquidity pool will be force TIO price to grow in exchanges, because is a possibility to have passive income as a minimum 2500 TIO holder in pool. A Graduated Plan will be used when it comes to the participants’ daily share of the profit.

As Jim Preissler, CEO of himself says: “this is not just about distributed technology… it’s about distributed wealth through our peer-to-peer shared liquidity pool. We intend to seed the liquidity pool with approximately $50 million cash, as well as 50 million Trade Tokens. All participants will share 50/50 from our seed contribution as well. The time has come where people take back control of capital markets and reject the status quo.” What means this for all of us that invest to be part of the liquidity pool? Yes you know … this is what I see when choice to invest in ICO last week. I want to have minimum 2.500 TIOs for be part in the shared liquidity pool. is something much bigger and basically different than just a cryptocurrency exchange. It will be a revolutionary trading platform that will trade both fiat and crypto currency. It will also have a liquidity pool at which every members can participate and receive earnings based on their numbers of TIO invested in pool starting from 2.500 TIOs. As a management team have selects Senior Advisory Team, incorporating trading, banking & blockchain executives with decades of experience in financial corporations.

How you can invest in ICO distribution, what form of payment can use, which is the minimum amount of investment accepted? The minimum amount accepted is 0.1 ETH. No maxim limits. To participate in the ICO, you will need to use ETH (Ethereum), but also are accepted fiat (USD, EUR) & Bitcoin contributions of USD 5K equivalent or larger.

Dec 14th – Dec 21st | 1 ETH = 800 Trade Tokens
Dec 21st – Dec 28th | 1 ETH = 700 Trade Tokens
Dec 28th – Jan 4th | 1 ETH = 600 Trade Tokens

For more details visite For understand better the technology behind Token, please read the whitepaper here. Other information about last stages of the project, about their ICO distribution, please visit bitcointalk forum announcement thread. I recommend you invest with confidence in this project. But because you know enough about the project, the decision will be personal.